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The Halal Guys Chooses the Tenderloin for First San Francisco Location

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Get ready for late night halal near Union Square.

New York City's East Village location.
New York City's East Village location.
The Halal Guys/Facebook

New York City street food cannot be discussed without mention of The Halal Guys, the famous cart on 55th Street that garners lines down the block at all hours of the day for its street meat slathered in the famed white and spicy red hot sauces. The company has been in major expansion mode and recently announced a Berkeley location. Now, San Francisco is getting some exciting news: its very own location, right near Union Square in the Tenderloin.

Come early summer, The Halal Guys should open at 340 O’Farrell in the old Naan "N" Curry space. "We know that late night is a big opportunity for us, so the location is ideal since it is nestled between some major nightclubs, and there are a lot of hotels around the area as well," director of operations Renè Hjorth told Eater. The location is 1,900 square feet, which should allow for 26 seats. Construction starts in a few weeks.

As for the Berkeley location, Hjorth said the historical building "has proven to slow down the overall construction timeline," and that the San Francisco location will likely open first. You can keep up with Berkeley updates here and SF updates here, which is part of a plan to open as many as 30 shops in the Bay Area.

The Halal Guys

340 O'Farrell St, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA

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