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The Top Five Breakfast Week Posts You Missed Last Week

It was an eggy whirlwind.

Breakfast at Eddie's Cafe
Breakfast at Eddie's Cafe
Patricia Chang


Last week was Breakfast Week nationwide in Eater world, and here in San Francisco, we got deep into the A.M. eating scene. Topics explored ranged from the city's best doughnut shops to the scene at a no-frills breakfast spot to why the Outerlands brunch is so damn popular. Out of everything discussed, though, these were the five most popular posts.

1. 8 of San Francisco's Most Popular Breakfast Pastries
2. The Best Cheap Breakfasts in San Francisco
3. Outstanding Egg Sandwiches in San Francisco
4. Top Brunches That Serve Bottomless Drinks in SF
5. 10 Asian Breakfasts to Wake Up With In SF

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