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Kava Lounge Is Now Open For Your Legal Sedation Needs

The slightly sedative herbal drink is in cocktail form.

Kava Lounge/Facebook

Almost two years in the making, Kava Lounge on Divisadero has now opened, offering its relaxing brew alongside herbal tonics, kombucha and raw food snacks. Kava is a slightly sedative herbal drink that tastes reminiscent of wood and causes a mellowing effect on the body. Owner Alva Caple has created a menu of cocktails that revolve around the drinks, plus damiana (a libido-enhancing tea) and kombucha, with plans to bring on more.

Food is mostly raw and vegan from chef Jillian Love (Bay Area Raw), though it’s limited for now. “I want people to try just the kava first,” Caple told Hoodline. “[The menu's offerings] will be growing organically as it goes.” Kava Lounge, which joins MeloMelo Kava Bar as the only Bay Area kava bars, is currently in soft opening, but once it’s fully up and running, there will be music, tastings, belly dancing and more.

Kava Lounge

901 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94115 (415) 834-5174