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Look Inside the Airy Home Kitchen of Tartine Bakery Owners Liz Prueitt and Chad Robertson

The modern, airy space is flooded in light.

To celebrate the newly launched re-design of Curbed SF and the greater Curbed network, Eater SF took a spin through the home kitchen of one of the city's homegrown chefs, Liz Prueitt, co-owner of Tartine Bakery. Prueitt and her husband (and Tartine co-owner) Chad Robertson moved into the home nine months ago after it received a "major remodel." Built in 1963, the Castro house now has an open kitchen that leads into the dining room and backyard, where she grows an extensive culinary garden full of herbs, citrus, peppers, cucumbers and more.

"From the kitchen on is our favorite area," Prueitt told Eater. "We do a lot of working the dining area, and we have this amazing grill outside that we haven't quite used yet." Prueitt and Robertson also do a lot of entertaining in the backyard, hosting Thanksgiving this past year with family and friends staying in the complementary apartment downstairs.

As for the kitchen itself, the sleek space has a minimalist aesthetic that is ideal for Prueitt's professional needs, which include acting as the R&D kitchen for the upcoming Tartine Bakery cookbook, and menu for The Manufactory, Prueitt and Robertson's multi-facted restaurant, bar, ice cream shop and bakery that will open in late spring. Most importantly, it's filled with beautiful natural light, which is one of the couple's favorite aspects of the kitchen. "It was the light that did it for us. We do a lot of cookbook writing, so the light for photographing is really awesome," said Prueitt. "We also like the aspect that it has the island. It makes it really nice for prep, and two sinks are really great."

Check out Prueitt's Instagram account for a glimpse of what she's working on in her airy home kitchen. And stay tuned for more details on The Manufactory, opening in the next few months.