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The Restaurant at Meadowood Announces New Chef de Cuisine John Hong

Hong is replacing his wife Katianna Hong as she moves on to The Charter Oak.

The entrance to The Restaurant at Meadowood.
The entrance to The Restaurant at Meadowood.
Bill Addison

It’s a family affair over at The Restaurant at Meadowood, where executive chef Christopher Kostow is married to communications director Martina Kostow. Now, former sous chef John Hong has been promoted to chef de cuisine, replacing his wife Katianna Hong, who is moving on to Kostow’s new project The Charter Oak as chef. "My role is to make sure that the kitchen’s running properly. That cooks are being mentored and mostly just overseeing the whole operation; making sure the engines are running," Hong told Eater.

John Hong

John Hong

Hong started at Meadowood as chef de partie on garde manger (translation: line cook on the salad and cold dishes station) and in the past five years has worked his way up, right alongside his wife. "Our relationship started in the kitchen, and we’ll continue to be in the kitchen. I know it seems crazy spending that much time with someone, but it comes naturally to us. It’s not too difficult," Hong said. Katianna will now be focusing on The Charter Oak, though, which Hong called "a good change for us."

As for how his promotion will affect Meadowood, Hong said not much. "I wouldn’t say it’s mostly my cooking style as much as it is my chemistry with Chef [Kostow]," he explained. "The fact that I’ve been with him for so long and I’ve been able to synergize with him and complement what he wants to do mostly. I would say he’s been the biggest influence at this point in my career."

The Restaurant at Meadowood

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