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Who Is Behind the 'Impeach Michael Bauer' Instagram Account?

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Tell us now.

Chron critic Michael Bauer
Chron critic Michael Bauer

San Francisco has a lot of great food, but a decidedly low number of critics covering that prolific restaurant scene. This can create something of a touchy subject among critical minded food people in the city, especially considering that the critic at the publication with the highest visibility (and, we're guessing, funding), has been in place for almost three decades. (No comment.)

As such, there've been mutinous rumblings in the comments sections for quite some time; now, some anonymous vigilante has taken it upon themselves to install stickers emblazoned with the message "Impeach Michael Bauer" on light poles and parking meters in front of restaurants around town, and Instagram it along the way. Given some of the accompanying captions, not all restaurants are interested in the free political propaganda so near to their establishments.

Eater SF has reached out to whoever is behind the anonymous account for comment, but in the meantime, keep an eye out for delicious anarchy on the streets of San Francisco. And please, send us any and all tips to the tipline or shoot us an email. Conspiracy theories welcome and encouraged.

8. @lataqueriasf I know this one isn't coming down #theyrecool

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