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That Bird Dog Can Hunt, According to Bauer

That means he liked it.

Bird Dog
Bird Dog
Berland Design

This week Chron critic Michael Bauer headed South to the Peninsula, where says that though the area is a hub of creativity in technology, "you'll find little of that spirit behind the stoves." Except, apparently, at Bird Dog, which Bauer describes as "one of the brightest spots on the Peninsula." After awarding the restaurant 2.5 stars, Bauer wrote:

"The sophistication of this venture is evident immediately upon entering the visually stunning interior, when the eyes are drawn to the dozens of hand-blown lighted orbs hanging from the open wood ceiling... Portions on many of the seven meat and seafood items appear small, accentuated by the fact that everything is served on oversize plates....Even though the restaurant still hasn't found its center, it's one of the brightest spots on the Peninsula. It's exciting to try something that pushes the envelope a little further, and Wilson has done just that."

The Elsewhere: Bauer was on a strict eating schedule, visiting 11 places on his quest for the Top 100;  Anna Roth wrote about Tacos Cala, which she says is "more than just a take out window"; Pete Kane also went South to Burlingame, visiting the much hyped nacho restaurant Nachoria, which he enjoyed despite borderline offensive cheese; Luke Tsai visited Ethiopian restaurant Enssaro, where he lauded the quality of the food.

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