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Corridor Café's Menu Promises Non-Soggy Sandwiches In Civic Center

The casual cafe is set to debut this Monday, February 8 from the group behind Stones Throw and Trestle.

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100 Van Ness
100 Van Ness

Hi Neighbor Restaurant Group (Stones Throw, Trestle, Fat Angel) has been busy readying its two new concepts in the 100 Van Ness building for the last few months, and their time is nigh. First up to debut is Corridor Café, a quick service spot with coffee from Los Angeles’ Lamill and "thoughtful" sandwiches. The standing-only space is Hi Neighbor partner Ryan Cole’s fine dining answer to the casual café. "We actually thought through the entire process of having a sandwich the same way someone thinks through having a fine dining dish," he told Eater. That means no soggy bottoms, evenly spread toppings and sauces and no sliding of fillings as you bite.

Corridor Cafe

Croissant egg sandwich Photo: Nicole Kraft

Those eight sandwiches include a shrimp po boy, falafel wrap and Cuban. Rounding out the menu (in full below) are Firebrand pastries and breads, quiche, and a savory Corridor cruffin (paging all you Holmies) with gruyere, prosciutto and chive. The Lamill coffee menu — which marks the brand's first entry into San Francisco — takes up just as much room as the food, which makes sense for the niche Corridor is trying to fill. "I’ve watched the residents [of 100 Van Ness] go out and get coffee and walk back because they need somewhere to go. It seemed a natural fit," Cole said.

Corridor Café opens Monday, February 8 from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Corridor Café Menu