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Levi's Stadium Jacked Up Concession Prices for Super Bowl 50

Bring your credit card and take a deep breath.

Levi's Stadium
Levi's Stadium
Levi's Stadium

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the priciest days of the year for football fans. So, no one should be too surprised at exorbitant food and drink prices— especially after paying top dollar for tickets, which are reportedly selling for an average of $4,639. But despite the fact that Levi's Stadium is already known for having some of the priciest concessions in the NFL, it still turned heads with relentlessly overpriced game-day food items.

That means $10 for a slice of pizza ($8*), $7 for a bottle of Aquafina water ($5.75*) and $15 for a premium draft beer like Stella Artois ($13*).  Somehow, a pour of Fetzer Crimson Red Blend wine remained steady at $12. (Check out all the prices and options in the Super Bowl 50 Stadium app.)

On the upside, Super Bowl attendees were able to pre-order their spendy snacks ahead of time for pick-up at express stands, and even better, have their beverages delivered seat-side (though normally food delivery is available as well).

Regardless, as San Franciscans are well aware, the Super Bowl is big business from top to bottom. So, if those with a ticket to the game just had to take a deep breath, pull out the ol' wallet and enjoy their $10 garlic fries. (And those not in the mood for a $5 bag of Lay's potato chips had the option to check out one of these places to eat near Levi's Stadium.)

* regular season prices

Levi's Stadium

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