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Teen Chef Flynn McGarry To Return To SF For Pop-Up Series

The 17-year-old Harry Styles of cooking last popped up at Atelier Crenn.

The boy himself.
The boy himself.

ZOMG Flynn McGarry is coming to town. Reminder: This is the underage "phenom chef" who was basically the media’s favorite story of 2014 for his earnest ambitions to eventually have "one of the best restaurants in the world." He’s been hard at work ever since, casually staging at fine dining restaurants in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Copenhagen and Oslo. Not to mention his pop-up series right here in SF at Atelier Crenn early last year.

And now he’s returning, through a Feastly pop-up series that brings his Eureka concept to the Bay. From March 1 to 4, McGarry will cook two 10-course dinners each night for 12 people at Feastly’s Market Street pop-up venue. Planned dishes include sea urchin cured in seawater with carrots and coffee and aged beet roasted over embers with greens and beet bordelaise, and Matthew Mako (Saison) is leading up the food and drink service. It all goes for $160 (including tax and gratuity) with a wine pairing option for $60. You can reserve a spot here.