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Doughnut Dolly Will Bring Naughty Cream, Pork Doughuts to Mid-Market

There will also be a selection of savory options

Doughnut Dolly Gilman
Doughnut Dolly Gilman
Doughnut Dolly/Facebok

Doughnut Dolly, the East Bay shop specializing in filled doughnuts, is bringing its popular wares to San Francisco. Owner Hannah Hoffman will set up her third location as a kiosk in the lobby of the conspicuously doughnut-less Twitter building, serving a selection of her sweet, filled doughnuts alongside new savory offerings, coffee and sandwiches to-go.Hoffman, whose mother was a pastry chef at Chez Panisse, has two other locations in the East Bay: the original Temescal Alley location that opened in 2012 and the larger Gilman store that opened in 2014, and that also serves as the production kitchen.

"Imagine a bao, but in a doughnut and filled with pulled pork and pickled onions."

Hoffman told Eater that though savory doughnuts have been on her radar for a long time, the logistics were too difficult to introduce them. However, the tiny, 187-square-foot kiosk in mid-Market will be an ideal test market for non-sweet options, given the density of the area and San Francisco's propensity for "grab-and-go" lunch options.

Those options will also include sandwiches with salumi from local producers, as well as drip coffee from States Coffee in Martinez, and Jittery John's cold brew. And while Hoffman acknowledges that the Market and its surrounding environs are not lacking for good coffee options, she hopes to compete with some fun additions to her cold brew, like a Cubano made with St. Benoit milk and condensed milk, and housemade syrups.

The kiosk should be opening by the end of May if all goes according to plan, finally offering San Franciscans a taste of Doughnut Dolly's famous "naughty cream," (Hoffmans most popular filling, a creme fraiche vanilla bean pastry cream), and other seasonal fruit fillings.  "I'm going to cover the Bay Area in naughty cream," laughed Hoffman.