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Eatsa to Unveil Tiny, Mobile-Focused Second Location in FiDi

It opens March 24

Eatsa - One California
Eatsa - One California

Eatsa is expanding its fully-automated, plant-based quinoa experience to the Financial District, offering up customizable bowls of food alongside minimal human interaction in a tiny, 800 square-foot space.

As with its first location, Eatsa's virtual cashier (aka an iPad) will remember diners' past choices, cutting down order time. But this time, the experience is geared towards an even quicker visit, focusing on a new mobile app ordering functionality that allows customers to place order from their computer or en route to the restaurant from a mobile phone. The streamlined method will hustle people in and out even faster, $6.95 bowl of quinoa in hand. In fact, the average customer will only wait three minutes to extract their meal from the glass cubbies that serve up the food, flashing each guest's name as their bowls are ready for pickup.

Unfortunately the launch of breakfast does not coincide with the opening of the new location (there's nothing like the smell of quinoa in the morning!), though it is currently in the works. Otherwise the menu will be the same as the original, including options like a burrito bowl, bento bowl and the "no worry curry."

The new location is the third outpost of the popular lunch spot— the second is LA's Westfield Topanga— and will open its doors Thursday, March 24It will be open for lunch and take-out dinners Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.


One California, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA

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