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The food tech world is in flux here in San Francisco, with SpoonRocket abruptly closing the same day UberEats expanded its offerings. Another change: La Boulangerie founder Pascal Rigo has resigned from Munchery after just five months as "chief customer experience officer" with the pre-made meal delivery company. "I just did not share anymore their strategy for growth and their ‘vision’ for the future," Rigo wrote to Eater in an email.

Rigo originally signed on to focus on the company’s food quality through bringing in more chef talent for partnerships (which he successfully did with the Charles Phan "Ready-To-Cook Meals"), developing original recipes himself and even making La Boulangerie products available to the brand. "I still believe that if there is a future for that segment and if one company could locally succeed in it, Munchery is ideally positioned to be that company," he said.

Rigo will step back to focus on his family and La Boulangerie, his original business that he founded here in San Francisco and sold to Starbucks for $100 million in 2012, before the coffee giant decided to release the brand. It's now back under Rigo's control and operating six locations throughout the city (Pine Street, Fillmore Street, Union Street, Cole Valley, Hayes Valley and Noe Valley) , with plans for new products and a new pastry chef come September.