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Feast Your Eyes Upon Bounty Hunter's Updated Fortress

The Napa barbecue and wine den has revealed itself

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter is moving forward with its grand plans for domination of the corner at First and Main Streets in downtown Napa. Founder and CEO Mark Pope has submitted his building plans for the 27,515-square-foot space that will house the barbecue restaurant, wine and liquor retail space, a wine lab and private event area and the company’s headquarters. The building, designed by Taylor Lombardo Architects, is a hulking mass of stone, steel and glass that is projected to cost up to $15 million and was designed as an homage to Napa buildings of the mid-19th century.

Bounty Hunter also plans to build a fence around the building that will serve sort of as an outdoor museum for the Valley’s history with historic moments outlined on it. It’s now up to the Planning Commission to review the plans, though no meeting date has been set. The building is scheduled to be complete by early 2018.