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The Complete Lineup for This Year's Golden Gate Restaurant Association Industry Conference

It'll be one big panel party

Last year's conference
Last year's conference
Gamma Nine

Get a bunch of chefs together and it’s bound to be a lively gathering— even when there’s not a lot of post-shift Fernet shots involved. The Golden Gate Restaurant Association’s second annual industry conference is coming up this April 11 and 12, and the organization has pulled together chefs, restaurateurs and industry folk from San Francisco and beyond. While the lineup doesn’t include PBR and super soigne food (though that will surely happen later at night), it does include lots of opportunity for learning.

The whole two-day extravaganza has a theme — "Forging the Future of Dining" — and there are two programs you could take, the business programming track and the chefs professional development series. Business programming will focus on rising costs, labor laws, the labor shortage and more while the chefs series will demo skills like whole animal butchery with chef John Fink (The Whole Beast), sushi skills with chef Takatoshi Toshi (Sushi Ran), foie gras 101 with chef Jack Mancino (Hudson Valley Foie Gras) and more. Tickets vary in price; head here to browse the full lineup and purchase.