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Gluten-Free Forever Mag Partners With Meredith Corporation for Increased National Distribution

San Francisco’s only food magazine is going from a circulation of 12,000 to 250,000


San Francisco-based editor Erika Lenkert started Gluten-Free Forever magazine as a passion project two years ago. Turns out it was a very fruitful passion project, as Meredith Corporation (the company behind Martha Stewart Living, Rachael Ray Every Day, Better Homes and Gardens and more) has partnered to take over distribution and up it by a factor of 20. Starting with the spring issue, Meredith’s Special Interest Media division will take over publication from 12,000 to 250,000 copies. Amid print publication closures in San Francisco, this deal makes GFF the Bay Area’s only national consumer food and cooking magazine.

Lenkert maintains editorial control in the deal, including keeping the paper quality and printing process of the $9.99 magazine high. Past issues have featured local chefs Daniel Patterson (DPG Group), Tyler Florence (who is gluten-free) and Craig and Annie Stoll (Delfina). The first Meredith-partnered issue hits stands on April 19.