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Burma Superstar Owners to Open Mid-Market Restaurant

It may not be a Burma Superstar — but it may be

Burma Love
Burma Love
Patricia Chang

San Francisco’s booming Burmese scene will continue to grow: Burma Superstar owners Desmond Htunlin and Jocelyn Lee are opening a restaurant at 989 Mission St. Just don’t ask them what that restaurant will be. "We are currently in negotiations for the space to operate, but are not sure what will go in that space," Burma spokeswoman Irene Cho told Hoodline. The 3,800-square-foot space has design firm Mister Important on board, which has worked on Gitane here in San Francisco.

This space will be the fifth restaurant from Htunlin and Lee, who have three Burma Superstars and Burma Love. Cross your fingers for more tea leaf salad.