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Everywhere Prince Graced San Franciscans With His Presence

He has pretty good taste, naturally

Prince rocking a cane at the Warriors game.
Prince rocking a cane at the Warriors game.

The Bay Area has had a pretty high Prince fever after the music legend played sold-out shows at Oracle Arena in the last week. Security around the man was tight, with a strict no phone or camera rule at the shows, so there’s been a major lack of footage from the concerts. But you can’t stop people from talking, especially about where else the music royal was spotted during his time in the Bay.

One of the lucky recipients of Prince’s presence was Mr. Tipple’s Recording Studio, the jazz and cocktail bar from the Maven team. Prince reportedly sipped limoncello through a straw, undoubtedly while listening to some of the live jazz played nightly. Next up was ground zero, Oracle Arena, where Twitter collectively lost its shit— even Warriors player Steph Curry fanboyed out — over the fact that Prince was there. Prince’s final known public stop was Nopa for some food to go (only after his team previewed the menu to determine what he would like most, of course). It’s unknown what he ate, though as a vegetarian, his options are narrowed down quite a bit.

Come back, Prince.

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