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The Organic Coup, Country’s First USDA-Certified Organic Fast Food Restaurant, Expands to SF

In the Financial District, to be exact

The Pleasanton location.
The Pleasanton location.
The Organic Coup/Yelp

November saw the opening of The Organic Coup in Pleasanton, the country’s first USDA-certified organic fast food restaurant, meaning 95 percent or more of its ingredients come from certified organic growers and farmers as required by the USDA to receive the certification. After a successful first few months, owner Erica Welton (Costco) is expanding the store to the Financial District. It’s all part of her master plan to open 25 locations in the next year.

The Organic Coup’s main menu item is a fried chicken sandwich, developed by a Florida chef using, obviously, all-organic ingredients from California. You can get it in sandwich, wrap or salad form, accompanied by popcorn. For all those looking for a job, The Organic Coup is hiring at a starting salary of $16 an hour (after at three-month trial period at $15), which is $3.75 more an hour than the current minimum wage. The plan is to be open late March or early April; stay tuned for details — and more locations soon.

The Organic Coup

101 Spear St, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA