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All Spice, Formerly Known as Game, Has Quietly Closed in Union Square

The restaurant seems to have closed last month

All Spice SF
All Spice SF
Patricia Chang

All Spice, the second restaurant of the same name from San Mateo restaurateurs Sachin Chopra and Shoshana Wolff, has discreetly shuttered. The restaurant originally opened in the former Masa space as Game in March of 2015, but underwent a quick concept-shuffle only a few months later.

At the time of the shuffle, Chopra emphasized the fickle nature of the San Francisco market, and attributed the closure of Game to some missteps along the way. The early departure of opening chef de cuisine Zack Freitas caused Chopra to take the reins in the kitchen, in an attempt to steer the restaurant in the right direction. An early unflattering review from Chron critic Michael Bauer may have had something to do with it, though it is unclear whether San Francisco was into a game meat-focused restaurant at all. Six months in, the restaurant pivoted to a concept more familiar to Chopra, Wolff and their diners in the form of a spinoff of All Spice, serving "New American Exotic" cuisine, with an emphasis on Indian flavors.

According to a tipster who was able to book reservations for the restaurant last week, their OpenTable reservation confirmation came with a "permanently closed" notice, and at that time the restaurant's recording confirmed that the restaurant was closed. The number is now out of service, but a call to the adjoining hotel, the Executive Hotel Vintage Court confirmed that the restaurant has been closed for the last month. According to Yelp, the definitive source on restaurant failings, All Spice is confirmed to have closed.

UPDATED 4/12: According to co-owner Shoshana Wolff, the SF outpost of All Spice closed its doors on March 12, because the restaurant just couldn't draw the crowds needed to operate as a business. "Fine dining has really changed," said Wolff. "People aren't looking for that style so much anymore." The white tablecloth atmosphere of the former Masa's dining room wasn't the right match for Game, or for All Spice, though Wolff says they tried to lighten things up. For now, Wolff and Chopra are focusing all their energy on All Spice in San Meteo, though they're not ruling out another project down the line— it just might not be in San Francisco. All Spice is now open for dinner seven days a week.

Game Restaurant

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