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Grubstake Diner Won't Be Torn Down, After All

Your 4 a.m. munchies are saved, kind of

Louise G./Yelp

Back in September, there was legitimate concern that Grubstake’s new owners were going to raze the neighborhood greasy spoon for 28 small condos. Now, rather than tear it down, like a metaphor for this changing city, the open-late diner (old SF) will bear the weight of the condos (new SF) on its history-laden back. The plan, submitted to the city, includes 15 units that will rest on top of an upgraded version of Grubstake. Upgrades will be made for "seismic integrity, accessibility, and water and electrical infrastructure," but it’s unclear just how much the building will change. But, co-owners Nick Pigott (Mayes Oyster House) and Jimmy Consos promise that the "reimagined" restaurant will still have a similar theme, menu and vibe.

This is all still pretty far out, as construction isn’t slated to even begin until spring or summer 2017, until which Grubstake will continue to run as is. And Pigott and Consos are even looking into temporary locations for Grubstake while it’s under construction. Stay tuned for more details.

Grubstake Diner

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