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Ike's Love and Sandwiches Now Serving Sloppy Sandwiches to Rockridge

Now with #FEASTMODE sauce as an option

Ike's Rockridge
Ike's Rockridge
Ellen Fort

Ike's Love and Sandwiches is now open in Rockridge, serving up owner Ike Shehadeh's signature hot, saucy sandwiches to Cal students and locals alike. The modestly sized shop is located between a Philz Coffee and CREAM shop, satisfying everyones most basic, basic needs all at once.

The sandwich store, which is the 22nd location of the rapidly multiplying chain, features a lengthy list of sandwiches that is basically a reconfiguration of about 20 different ingredients, including a couple "Rockridge only" specialties, like a chicken-fried steak, #feastmode sauce and smoked gouda called "I'm the 4th Toniey."

Shehadeh is also poised to open another location in Berkeley in a matter of weeks, to accompany the newly-opened locations in Emeryville and Rockridge, but isn't telling where that might be. Also of note: Ike's adds .50 cents to each order, according to a sign by the register, to "help offset rising business expenses and offer additional employee benefits." While the sign also notes that the charge can be removed from a customer's order if they object, the money is intended to provide competitive wages, affordable healthcare and paid sick leave.

Ike's is open daily from 10:30 a.m.-7 p.m.