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Cafe du Nord Switches Viking Room Focus to Event-Only Space

Expect regular live music special events

Patricia Chang

When Cafe du Nord opened in its revamped iteration, it had two distinct areas: the original, 25-seat bar with additional table seating for 20, and the Viking Room, featuring a five-seat bar plus a 30-seat dining room adjacent to the stage. The Viking Room was initially set up as another space with a full menu and cocktails, but owners Ne Timeas (Aatxe, Flour + Water, Central Kitchen) and the Bon Vivants (Trick Dog) have decided to change the room’s focus. “The Viking Room is an ideal space for private events, music and other special programming, and we've decided to focus its use in that direction,” Morgan Schick of the Bon Vivants told Eater. “We will continue to host impromptu music and events in the Viking Room space, and will be announcing official programming on an ongoing basis.”

So, you’ll no longer be able to make reservations there, but there will be live music and special events to attend on a seemingly regular basis. The rest of Cafe du Nord will offer its regular menu. As to why this change happened? The team “just felt it’s better suited to music … and special events,” a spokeswoman told Eater. Stay tuned for what hopefully becomes a robust lineup of live music.

Cafe Du Nord

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