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Kitchit to Potentially Cease Operations in June

The personal chef service started in San Francisco four years ago


June may be the end of Kitchit, the personal chef booking platform that started in San Francisco four years ago. Despite raising $8.1 million, Kitchit has reportedly run out of funding.

"Like many startups in our proximity, Kitchit is navigating turbulent times," Kitchit CEO Brendan Marshall told Investor's Business Daily via email. "That said, no such decision has been reached and we continue to be actively engaged in fundraising conversations. We recently served our 100,000th customer and hope to serve many multiples of that number in the future."

Founded in 2011, Kitchit was initially a place to book a personal chef to prepare high-end meals in your home and quickly expanded to Chicago, Los Angeles and New York with that business model. In September, though, the company morphed its concept into "Kitchit Tonight," which let diners book a meal last-minute from pre-set menu options for $39 per person. Kitchit would send a cook to your home to then assemble, serve and clean up the meal for you.

The company made that shift after testing the model for almost a year and concluding it was more valuable to focus exclusively on the lower-end option, likely in a bid to compete with the plethora of cheaper meal delivery options such as Kitchensurfing, Munchery, Caviar and more. To be determined what happens come June.