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Little Giant Ice Cream Expands to the Big City

It's headed across the bridge

The Oakland location
The Oakland location
Little Giant Ice Cream/Facebook

The charming Claude Lane will soon have a scoop shop for all FiDi workers and dwellers, courtesy of Oakland-born Little Giant Ice Cream. Co-owners Kevin Best (Era Art Bar, B Restaurant & Bar) and Neil Rideout (Cigar Bar) started Little Giant this summer across the bridge with made-from-scratch ice cream that is actually churned on premises. Most ice cream shops purchase the base for their ice cream from purveyors like Straus Creamery, but Little Giant makes its own in an "American premium hard scoop" style, which offers a firm texture with a bit of chewiness. The shop has become known for its cocktail-themed flavors like the negroni or old fashioned. Little Giant Ice Cream will open at 214 Sutter St. later this month.

Little Giant Ice Cream

214 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA