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Michael Bauer Says That 1300 on Fillmore's Still Got It

In fact, he goes so far as to call the restaurant sexy

1300 on Fillmore

San Francisco critic-in-residence Michael Bauer must have been in some sort of mood when he wrote this week’s re-review of 1300 on Fillmore, the nine-year-old Southern restaurant at 1300 Fillmore St. from chef David Lawrence. Words he used to describe both the food and ambience include "sexy," "fresh," "alluring," "beautifully intense" and more. And should you be having an affair, Bauer has found the place for you. "The bar, sequestered behind glass next to the 90-seat dining room, is a cool place for a clandestine meeting," he wrote. Dishes suggested include the deviled eggs, asparagus soup, fried chicken and beignets. 2 ½ stars. [The Chron]

Rather than review a new restaurant this week, Bauer recapped his best eating experiences from that other big California city.


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