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Finn Town Renderings Reveal Its Tavern Vision

The comfort food spot from a Top Chef alum is well on its way

Jim Maxwell

Top Chef alum Ryan Scott (West Portal Market, Rye and Mason) is back with an upcoming American comfort food tavern concept in the Castro. Called Finn Town, it’s set to arrive this fall, and the idea is a neighborhood joint meant to be several things to many people. "The Castro is missing a place that doesn’t specialize in one cuisine. It’s not just food, it’s food, service, atmosphere, dining, music, TV, bars," Scott told Eater. "The sports bar next door has a great food program, and we wanted to do that with a tavern-driven theme and show the Golden Globes, Emmys, all those things that aren’t sports on the TV screens."

Finn Town Jim Maxwell

But Scott also wants a dining room, and so to make that all happen, he brought on architect Jim Maxwell of Architects II to create three spaces in one in the 3,000 square feet. "We took a 110-seat dining room and cut it down to 69 in the dining room with two dual bars with happy hour twice a day," Scott said. Maxwell created these renderings, which show the front of the space (right), as well as inside with the front and back bars, a high-top lounge space, and a seated dining room (above).

"It was really important to not make the space congested. The back bar is seated and the front bar is for the noncommittal diner. Then the dining room has walls up so people aren’t hanging over you," Scott said. Playing off the tavern concept, Maxwell went for comfort in the design, opting for overstuffed booths, a communal table, natural woods, and gold and cobalt blue accents.

According to Scott, Finn Town should be up and running in this fall with dinner and weekend brunch.

Finn Town

2251 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114, USA