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May's Top News Stories

The hottest restaurant news from this month that got you reading

Patricia Chang

May 27

1. Costco Founder Jim Sinegal Invests Millions in Bay Area Organic Fast Food Chain

America’s first USDA-certified organic fast food restaurant now calls Costco Founder Jim Sinegal an investor.

2. Bellota's Stunning Dining Room Brings Glamour Back to San Francisco

Absinthe Group has unveiled Bellota, a Spanish restaurant from chef Ryan McIlwraith with paella, tapas, andn very stylish décor

3. 12 Restaurants With Feel-Good Vibes in San Francisco

Restaurants where the atmosphere provides almost as much pleasure as the food itself.

4. LocoL Opens in Oakland With Cheeseburgs and Chicken Nugs for All

Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi's "fast food revolution" is now open in Uptown Oakland.

5. Here's the Menu at Bellota, the Spanish-Influenced Stunner From Absinthe Group

Bellota, the newest restaurant from Absinthe Group (Absinthe, Boxing Room), is an amalgamation of the different regions of Spain, as seen through the eyes of executive chef Ryan McIlwraith.

May 13

1. Din Tai Fung Dumpling Madness Descends Upon Santa Clara

The dumpling shop has finally arrived in the Bay Area.

2. The Best Restaurants to Take Your Parents in San Francisco

These 15 spots exist are certain to please even the most discerning mom or dad.

3. Susan Sarandon's Ping Pong Mecca, SPiN, Has Ricocheted Into Town

The interior is a roomy 12,000-square-feet with 19 ping pong tables.

4. San Francisco's Top Toast

SF has some serious toast game, and these 12 places do it best.

5. Sushi Hashiri Offers San Francisco Premium Sushi, With a Tech Money Price Tag

It's SF's most expensive sushi at kaiseki-style menu at the premium price of $250 per person in the dining room and $300 at the sushi counter, with a special $500 omakase option.