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Sous Beurre Kitchen Has Closed

The French restaurant couldn’t make it work in this city’s tough environment

Patricia Chang

A little over a year after French spot Sous Beurre Kitchen opened in the Mission, it has bid its farewell from the San Francisco dining scene. Chef/owner Michael Mauschbaugh broke the news via email newsletter, writing, “Sous Beurre Kitchen served its final dinner as of Saturday May 14th, and while it was a night of prideful tears and wishful thoughts it has now come and gone. SBK is closed and we are no longer but a thing of the past. The complications were many but there is no point in blaming.”

Like so many SF restaurants before it, SBK started as a pop-up, eventually finding a permanent space for its traditional casual French fare. Mauschbaugh opened the brick-and-mortar space in February 2015 with the then- (and still-) radical position of no tipping, which Mauschbaugh had to end in October when the costs became too high. It’s unclear what Mauschbaugh’s plans are post-closing, but stay tuned for more details.

Sous Beurre Kitchen

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