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Stone Brewing Plans to Open a Brewery and Restaurant in Downtown Napa

It's one of the brewery's few locations outside of San Diego county

Borreo Building
Borreo Building
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Stone Brewing has announced plans to open a brewery and restaurant in downtown Napa, adding to the area's growing craft beer scene.

Last fall, Eater SF reported on rumors that a new brewery and restaurant project from Redd's Richard Reddington and the Moana Restaurant Group could be the next tenant of the iconic Borreo building. However, those rumors were just that, as Stone will be the one to occupy the prime property, with plans to open as soon as spring 2017. According to Kevin Teague, a key player in the real estate group that owns the building, the plans for the brewery have been in motion for more than two years.

The brewery is part of Stone's recent forays outside of San Diego County, which also includes a newly opened location in Richmond, Virginia, and future location in Berlin, Germany. It will chiefly produce special, Napa-specific beers for the Borreo building location, alongside its full line of staple brews. As for the restaurant, Stone's Director of Hospitality Steve Robbins told the Register that while plans for food service are being worked out, there are no plans for a "marquee chef." Based on the menu at the brewery's bistro in Escondido, diners can probably expect a mix of upscale, pub fare with a "global" twist, like duck tacos, Peruvian-style chicken and yakisoba.

While still considered craft, Stone is one of the ten largest breweries in the country; in terms of similarly sized operations in the area, it'll join Lagunitas in Petaluma, and Anchor Steam in SF, as well as the growing number of smaller brewing operations in the Bay Area.  Stay tuned for more details, though the construction process on the building (built in 1877) is expected to take a full year.