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Salivate Over the Spicy New Southeast Asian-Inspired Menu at The Keystone

A new direction after some chef shuffles

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Since opening last fall, The Keystone has had a few identity crises, starting with the departure of its opening chef after just two weeks. After chef Banks White came on board, he told Eater he planned to reconfigure the menu, and make it "an ode to a classic American tavern."

Now, things has shifted once more, resulting in a menu of dishes inspired by Southeast Asia and the American South. It's a relatively unique mashup, something White says is the result of his Austin, Texas upbringing and extensive travels throughout Southeast Asia, as well as a stints at Chez Panisse, Auberge du Soleil and other pedigreed Bay Area restaurants.

"San Francisco diners are ready for something new," said White. That now includes dishes like collard green lumpia, a take on the Filipino dish that combines garlic and ginger-marinated pork with the traditional Southern green, and Thai-style fried chicken  topped with five different types of chilis, fermented fish sauce and more.

"I'm not trying to do 'authentic' Filipino food, but use flavors inspired by great dishes, with my own spin on things." The The Keystone is now serving brunch and dinner, plus a separate bar menu. Check out the full menu below.

The Keystone

68 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94103 (415) 777-1200