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NorCal Whole Foods Now Carry Top Chef Alum Melissa King Recipes

The ready-to-eat meals are in stores through June

Whole Foods

The Whole Foods salad bar is a plentiful place of (pricey) quality takeout, and it’s only getting bigger. Top Chef alum Melissa King (Delfina, Campton Place) has collaborated with the organic grocery chain for ready-to-eat meals at the hot and salad bars, plus ingredient recommendations. All the hot bar dishes are Asian in style, such as miso roasted cauliflower, kimchi fried brussels sprouts and salt and pepper chicken. Some lesser-known ingredients she endorses include coconut vinegar (for its "unique zing") and black radish (it adds "interesting texture").

Melissa King Whole Foods Whole Foods

King said she partnered with Whole Foods because of its commitment to healthy eating and local, seasonal ingredients. At least one of her meals and product suggestions will be available through June 28 in all 43 Whole Foods in Northern California and Reno. See below for the full list of her hot and cold dishes, plus ingredient recommendations.

Hot bar
Miso roasted cauliflower (vegan)
Kimchi fried brussels sprouts
Salt and pepper chicken
Basil chicken

Salad bar
Miso caesar with olive oil croutons
Black rice & quinoa salad with spring peas, watermelon radish, and mint
Green bean salad with sesame vinaigrette
Cold Hiyayakko tofu (vegan)

Product Picks
Black radish
Green garlic
Whole fish
Coconut vinegar
Pumpkin seeds
Italian batard