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Camino to Open Kebab Shop in North Oakland

It's going in the former Salsipuedes space

Patricia Chang

Camino, the Oakland restaurant from Chez Panisse alum Russell Moore and Allison Hopelain, has been quietly earning accolades for its hearth-style cooking since it opened in 2008. Now, Moore confirms that the duo is planning their first ever expansion: a kebab-focused spot called The Kebabery, in the former Salsipuedes space in Oakland.

While the menu at Camino has always been simple, Moore has used Monday nights as a way to expand his offerings and explore cuisines through set menus that focus on a particular dish. Kebabs have been a focus on several occasions; Boudin blanc, pozole, steak, Dungeness crab, paella (the current Monday night focus) have also been featured.

A past Kebab Monday menu could give an idea of what there is to look foward to:

Grilled artichokes and Belgian endive
with red lentil hummus and preserved lime

Grilled lamb leg kebab and lamb shoulder & belly kofte kebab
with fava beans, chiles, yogurt, lovage and grilled flatbread

Grilled fig leaf ice cream with wood oven-roasted rhubarb
and sesame candy

Though the upscale "backyard barbecue" fare at Salsipuedes didn't catch on in the neighborhood, kebabs might have a better chance of success in a residential area low on dining options.

Details on the restaurant are currently scarce, but stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Salsipuedes Restaurant

4201 Market St, Oakland, CA 94608 (510) 350-7489