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San Francisco Barbecue By the Numbers

Crucial meat information

Memphis Minnie's
Memphis Minnie's
Memphis Minnie's

For a city that's not known for its barbecue options, San Franciscans sure eat a lot of it. Between the ribs and the brisket and the sauce, hungry 'cue lovers are keeping those smokers in action. In honor of Eater SF 's Barbecue Week, here are some very telling weekly statistics on some of the city's most popular barbecue spots.

4505 Burgers and BBQ

Most popular meat: Brisket
Brisket: 1750 pounds
Ribs: 650 racks of heritage hog (Hampshire) ribs
Whole chickens: 300 free range Pittman Farms chickens
Sauce: 50 gallons
Wood used in the smoker: 1/2 cord oak and hickory  
Most popular side: Hand cut French fries, fried in beef tallow
Most popular non-barbecue item: 1,250 "Best Damn Grass Fed Cheeseburgers"

CatHead's BBQ

Most popular meat: Smoked pork
Slow Smoked Pork: 475-500 pounds 
Ribs: 125-150 slabs
Sauce: 54 gallons
Wood used in the smoker: 1 pallet cherry wood  
Most popular side: Pimento mac and cheese
Most popular non-barbecue item: Beer

Image credit: CatHead's/Instagram

Memphis Minnie's

Most popular meat: Beef brisket
Brisket: 1,000 pounds.
St. Louis-style Pork Ribs: 250 slabs 
Whole Chickens: 125
Sauce: 50 gallons (or more) of four housemade sauces
Wood used in the smoker: about one cord of white oak per month
Most popular side: Minnie's mac n cheese
Most popular non-barbecue item: "Minnie's Maxi Burger"

Image credit: Memphis Minnie's

Sneaky's/Southpaw BBQ

Most popular meat: Brisket
Brisket: 850 pounds 
Ribs: 1,000 ribs
Whole chickens: 320
Sauce: 60 gallons
Wood used in the smoker: Almond 
Most popular side: Shells and cheese, bacon and cheddar gritcake
Most popular non-barbecue item: Smoked pulled goat and jackfruit

Image credit: Sneaky's

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