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The Saucy 'Cue Scene at CatHead's BBQ at 12 p.m. Wednesday

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Smoked meat, saucy sides, and very large biscuits abound

If there is anything that defines San Francisco barbecue, it is its lack of definition. Here, anything goes, from the strict adherence to a certain style to the blending of many styles, which is how CatHead's BBQ approaches its 'cue. Owners (and wife and husband team) Pamela Schafer and Richard Park took over Big Nate's BBQ in 2012, switching it over to CatHead's, where they cook up barbecue with an inventive twist.

Sweet tea chicken, Coca-Cola smoked brisket, and Makers Mark portobello mushrooms are all on the menu, though that doesn't mean they don't respect tradition. The enormous cathead biscuits — named for being the size of a cat's head — are the signature item here, and a tribute to the "Appalachian favorite born of humble beginnings."

Above, check out the scene on a Wednesday at 12 p.m., when the SoMA lunch crowd hustles in to get some smoked meat and biscuits.

CatHead's BBQ

1665 Folsom Street, , CA 94103 (415) 861-4242 Visit Website