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Bernal Heights Five-Alarm Fire Destroys Playa Azul, Harms 3300 Club

Along with 58 displaced people


A massive fire destroyed nine businesses, including a restaurant and bar, and displaced 58 people in Bernal Heights on Saturday. The fire, at 29th and Mission Streets, started around 2:30 p.m. and spread to six buildings, but luckily did not seriously injure or kill anyone. The cause of the blaze is still unclear.

Playa Azul, a Mexican restaurant at 3318 Mission St., unfortunately did not have a similar fate. According to Bernalwood, it is “completely gutted.” Another business affected is long-running dive bar 3300 Club (3300 Mission St.). It was intact on Sunday, but had extensive water damage, with flooded floors and a waterlogged, sagging ceiling. The bar is insured, according to owner Shukry Lama. Stay tuned for updates.

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