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Famous Bleeding Meatless Burger Previews at Jardiniere

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San Francisco has been among the first to try the vegan patty

Impossible Foods

There has been much talk in the last few years of the bleeding meatless burger that raised $183 million in funding. Created by Impossible Foods CEO and founder Patrick O. Brown (and a team of scientists), the burger is a vegan version of the typical American beef patty, down to the crisp outside and bloody interior. And until recently, it has only been under development, but Jardinière featured the burger in a pop-up, and may do so again in special events this summer. Chef/owner Traci Des Jardins is a consulting chef at Impossible Foods, and she developed recipes for the burger, settling on a version topped with avocado slices, mashed avocado, caramelized onions, tomato, gem lettuce, and vegan dijonnaise on a potato bun.

The burger mimics meat’s taste mainly using heme, a molecule found in hemoglobin (a component of blood), as well as in certain plants. Potatoes are used for the crunchy exterior, coconut oil for its fat, and honeydew for a molecule that mirrors the smell of cooked meat. The meatless wonder will hit Jardinière in July. Will you be willing to try it? Let us know in the comments.


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