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POTUS Dined in SoMa Last Night, Looked Cool as Hell

He's in town for some Silicon Valley schmoozing

25 Lusk
25 Lusk
25 Lusk

Though his travels through the city during rush hour may have caused some serious snarls, President Barack Obama managed to show up for dinner at 25 Lusk looking fly as hell. The President is in town to speak at today's seventh annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford University's Memorial Auditorium, but spent last night at the Intercontinental in San Francisco.

Yeah I saw the president tonight.

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He met 12 fancy Silicon Valley types (including Google CEO Sundar Pichai) for a three-hour dinner at the restaurant, which included bites like wild mushroom cheesecake and lobster corn dogs. For his meal, Obama started with a cucumber and melon salad, and in a boss move, opted for a double portion of the yellowtail sashimi appetizer. No dessert, and POTUS didn't drink any of our region's wine, instead opting for a Ketel One on the rocks — he's gotta blow off steam somehow.

According to the Chron, Obama made a splashy entrance, pulling off his sunglasses to wild applause from diners. Alex Dwyer, a Cloudlfare employee who was there for an office happy hour, told the Chron that "The overwhelming consensus was that he's got a lot of swag." Enjoy that swag while it lasts, America— there's no telling what November will bring.

When #Obama shows up at Happy Hour #POTUS

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Twenty Five Lusk

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