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Oro Closes, Adds to Mid-Market Uncertainty

It's the second sudden closure in the same week

Patricia Chang

Oro, the Mint Plaza modern American restaurant from Commonwealth’s Jason Foxhas closed. Shutting its doors this past Saturday, Oro clocked in nine months of business, but Fox blamed a "rough" environment for the closure. "We always knew it was a little bit of a risk in that neighborhood," Fox told Eater. "It's a shame. I hope the other restaurants can stay afloat." Fox and partner Timothy Felkner (Vigilante Hospitality) expect the landlord to take over the space. In the meantime, the two are focusing on their respective other projects.

In a last-ditch effort to get a quick cash infusion, Oro recently partnered with EquityEats, a crowdfunding service that gave credit at the restaurant the same value as a $500 to $10,000 investment up-front investment. That campaign never got off the ground, however, with the restaurant closing immediately after its announcement.

Oro opened in Mid-Market among several other high-profile openings this past year, including Bon Marché, Dirty Water, The Market, Cadence, and The Perennial, all of which have taken a gamble on this area. With Cadence and Oro shuttering in the very same week, the neighborhood can now officially be classified as a difficult place to operate a successful restaurant. Just last week we asked the question if Mid-Market can sustain them all, and it seems as if the answer is a definitive — and sad — no.

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