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Killer Shrimp Closes in Russian Hill, Looks to the Waterfront

The LA-based chain calls SF a success

It’s been ten months since Killer Shrimp, the Marina del Rey-based seafood chain, invaded San Francisco. Which apparently is the right amount of time for owners to decide they like SF and plan to stay for good — though they’re doing it in a convoluted way. The Russian Hill space has permanently closed, and the owners are claiming that that location was always intended as a pop-up. But — fear not — they are hard at work finding a new space closer to the waterfront. “Killer Shrimp was such a success and so well-received that we will be opening a new permanent home closer to the waterfront,” CEO Kevin Michaels told Eater.

It’s unclear why the Russian Hill store can’t stay open in the meantime if it’s such a success, but either way, Killer Shrimp shall return, in a to-be-determined location likely closer to tourists who may be a little more into the concept than Russian Hill dwellers.

Killer Shrimp

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