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Buzzworks Sports and Beer Bar Plans Overload of Screens and Craft Beers

Plus a crew of seriously educated 'beertenders'


At last check-in, Buzzworks, a beer and sports bar from the Butter team, was supposed to open in January 2015, taking a completely different direction than their first bar's kitschy, white-trash schtick. Now the team confirms that Buzzworks is ready to open in just a couple weeks. While Butter has more of a dive bar reputation, Buzzworks will be a high-concept space with over 40 taps for craft beer and more than 20 big-screen TVs, as well as a 15-foot wall projector in the large space with capacity for 250 people.

The focus originally was also going to include arcade and bar games, and while there will still be a couple of pool tables and a foosball table, arcade games are no longer part of the focus. "We scaled back; we've chosen to focus more on sports insteads of games," partner Chris Mund told Eater. "If there’s a sport that exists, we will have a screen you can watch it on."

Lyle Farrell, who has been in the beer industry for 17 years and has a brew science degree from UC Davis, is still heading up the beer program, which will primarily feature local beers on tap, as well as 50 to 60 global brews by the bottle. "Our goal is to be one of the premiere destinations for craft beer in the city," Mund said. "All of our `beertenders` will have passed the cicerone test; they'll be certified beer servers. We also want to do a bunch of education." That will translate to breweries coming in to showcase and educate on their beers.

Food is a bit of a unique concept; you'll be able to order from servers at Buzzworks from menus at nearby restaurants like Butter, Canteen, DNA Lounge, Basil, and more. Farrell is also putting together a small bar snacks menu with pickled items, snack mixes, and more.

Beerworks is slated for a mid-July opening. Stay tuned for inside photos.


365 11th St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA