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Chris Cosentino Reveals Name and Concept for St. Helena Restaurant

The Acacia House is coming this fall

Former Grandview Hotel
Former Grandview Hotel
Joe Becerra/Winecountrygetaways

Chris Cosentino (Cockscomb, Incanto) is bringing his bold flavors to St. Helena this September, with the opening of Acacia House.

It's part of the Las Alcobas hotel property that is opening at 1915 Main Street, next door to the Beringer tasting room, a 68 room hotel overlooking vineyards, with a luxury spa and pool. Cosentino and his business partner Oliver Wharton have signed on to open a restaurant in the hotel, with a menu that is currently described only as capturing "the prevailing seasonal sensibility of California's wine country," and will be composed of small and large plates to complement Napa wines. Because the restaurant is part of the hotel, it'll provide breakfast, room service and poolside dining, as well as the most Napa of all things: picnic baskets and lunch bags (musettes) for cyclists.

The building itself is part of a nearly century-old property that was originally named Acacia House, and spent recent time as the Grandview Hotel. There will also be a 2,200-square-foot event barn that will be catered by the restaurant, available for magical, Pinterest-worthy Napa weddings and other soirees. Guest room rates will start at $695; no word on the prices at the restaurant, though hopefully non-luxuriating tourists will also be able to dine there.

It's part of the ongoing flood of big name chefs into the Valley, following the opening of Douglas Keane and Sang Yoon's Two Birds One Stone in late June. Stay tuned for more details on the space, menu and opening date.