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Terra Cotta Warrior Closed Until August

It will reopen under new management

Mel T./Yelp

The Outer Sunset under-the-radar Xi’an restaurant (and recent Eater 38 pick) Terra Cotta Warrior has quietly closed. According to a sign posted on the door, the restaurant closed on Tuesday, May 31 "for innovations" and will reopen on Monday, August 1, but under new management.

Terra Cotta Warrior

Terra Cotta Warrior made a name for itself in the San Francisco Asian scene for offering a niche of Chinese cuisine — Shaanxi/Xi'an food (spicy, sour Chinese) — that isn’t commonly seen in this city. Its hand-pulled noodles, braised spicy fish, and spicy tripe and tendon were all incredibly spicy and delicious (and rang up under $10), so it will be interesting to see under what form they return. Stay tuned for more details.

Terra Cotta Warrior

2555 Judah Street, , CA 94122 (415) 681-3288