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In Situ's Menu Brings the World's Best Dishes to SF

René Redzepi, David Chang, Wylie Dufresne and many others are represented

Henrik Kam

In Situ, the SFMOMA restaurant from Benu's Corey Lee, is opening soon (June 14). With it comes the novel concept of purposeful, permitted mimicry of famous chefs' most renowned dishes.

Embedded within the museum, the restaurant itself is meant to be an exhibition, showcasing the exact execution of dishes from Alice Waters, Thomas Keller, René Redzepi and more. It's the product of Lee's travels around the globe, meticulously learning each step of the oft-complicated dishes from the chefs themselves, which resulted in an exciting, and extensive, roster of dishes.

Menus are divided by "Lounge" and "Dining Room," and are on par with (and maybe even less than) typical San Francisco prices, featuring dishes like carrot soup from Nathan Myrhvold (Modernist Cuisine) for $6 to a wagyu-studded umami soup from Hisato Nakahigashi (Miyamasou, Kyoto) at $34. It's definitely cheaper than flying across the world to check these dishes out in person. The menu went live today;€” check it out in full below.

#recipetesting the iconic maine sea scallops "black tie" from chef @danielboulud @restaurantdaniel

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Lounge Menu

Caramelized Carrot Soup 6
coconut foam, chaat masala
Nathan Myhrvold, Modernist Cuisine
Bellevue, Washington, 2011

Dadinhos de Tapioca 12
tapioca and cheese fritters
Rodrigo Oliveira, Mocotó
São Paulo, Brazil, 2005

Lettuce Sandwich 12
fermented romaine, goat cheese, olive oil
Christian Puglisi, Relæ
Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015

Croque Astrance 28
saint-nectaire, black truffle, pain de mie
Pascal Barbot, Astrance
Paris, France, 2011

Apocalypse Burger 10
lettuce wrap
Anthony Myint, Mission Street Food
San Francisco, 2016

Ketchup Fried Rice 12
fried egg, sesame seeds
Roy Choi, L.A. Son
Los Angeles, California, 2013

Summery Warm Tomato & Basil Tart 16
Michel Guérard, Les Prés d'Eugénie - Michel Guérard
Eugénie-les-Bains, France, 1981

Ice Cream of Salted Butter 8
hazelnuts, molasses
Esben Holmboe Bang, Maaemo
Oslo, Norway, 2010

Sage Smoked Dark Chocolate Brownie 12
Dominique Ansel, Dominique Ansel Kitchen
New York City, 2015

Dinner Menu

Shrimp Grits 14
pickled jalapeño, shrimp oil
Wylie Dufresne, wd~50
New York City, 2013

Carrot, Sour Curd, Pickled Pine 18
Matt Orlando, Amass
Copenhagen, Denmark, 2014

Brown Oyster Stew 28
benne and Charleston ice cream
Sean Brock, Husk
Charleston, South Carolina, 2009
Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Pine Salt 12
Isaac McHale, The Clove Club
London, England, 2008

Celeriac and Goat Cheese Profiterole 14
tomato and parsley
David McMillan & Frédéric Morin, Joe Beef
Montreal, Canada, 1990

Guotie 12
pork, shrimp, and cabbage potstickers
Cecilia Chiang, The Mandarin
San Francisco, 1960

Octopus and the Coral 28
braised octopus and seaweed (spicy)
Virgilio Martinez, Central
Lima, Peru, 2014

The Forest 28
quinoa risotto, mushrooms, parsley "moss"
Mauro Colagreco, Mirazur
Menton, France, 2011

Guinea Fowl Larp Chiang Mai
raw vegetables and herbs (spicy)
David Thompson, Nahm
Bangkok, Thailand, 1999

Umami Soup
miso-marinated wagyu, asparagus, Inaniwa udon
Hisato Nakahigashi, Miyamasou
Kyoto, Japan, 2015

Spicy Pork Sausage Rice Cakes
David Chang, Momofuku Ssäm Bar
New York City, 2007

Liberty Duck Breast
French green lentils, apples, aged red wine vinegar sauce
Thomas Keller, The French Laundry
Yountville, California, 1995

Interpretation of Vanity 14
moist chocolate cake, cold almond cream, bubbles and cocoa
Andoni Luis Aduriz, Mugaritz
Errenteria, Spain, 2007

Meyer Lemon Ice Cream and Sherbet 10
Alice Waters, Chez Panisse restChef
Berkeley, California, c.1980

Wood Sorrel & Sheep Milk's Yogurt 14
René Redzepi, Noma
Copenhagen, Denmark, 2005