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Horsefeather Team Already Expands to Oakland

It will be a similar feel with craft cocktails and pairable food

Patricia Chang

Horsefeather has only barely opened — officially touching down in early April — and its owners Justin Lew and Ian Scalzo are already onto the next. The partners have found a space in downtown Oakland to turn into another high-end cocktail den, similar in style to their debut on Divis. “It was a project we were working on in parallel to Horsefeather. A good opportunity came up, and it’s a really rad location, so we decided to go for it,” Lew told Eater.

The corner space is about twice the size of Horsefeather, with lots of windows. The concept is still unnamed, but you can expect similarly inventive cocktails with a full food program to pair alongside. What will be different, though, is that Horsefeather chef Ryan Chinchilla will create a more robust food program, especially for during the day. “It’ll be a different program. It’s still not going to be an intense, fancy approach, but it’ll be a different cocktail program,” Lew said. “We try not to repeat ourselves.”

Work on the space doesn’t begin for another few months, so opening won’t be until at least late 2016 or early 2017. Stay tuned for more details.