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In Situ Opens for Dinner This Week

Plus, a talk about climate change, free Outside Land tickets, and a temporary dearth of pastrami

In Situ
In Situ
Patricia Chang

SOMA— In Situ, chef Corey Lee’s edible exhibition in the form of a restaurant, is now extending service to dinner three times a week. Starting Thursday, July 21 reservations will be available from 5 p.m. - 9 p.m., Thursday through Saturday; lunch remains available from 11 a.m. -4 p.m. seven days per week. [Eaterwire]

SOMA— Renowned author and sustainable food advocate Anna Lappé will give a talk at The Perennial on "The Climate Change at the End of Our Forks and What We Can Do About It," discussing food systems and climate change, moderated by author and co-owner of The Perennial, Karen Leibowitz. The talk will take place Saturday, July 23 at 4 p.m.; tickets available here. [Eaterwire]

MISSION— FYI, lovers of pastrami, Wise Sons Deli will close its doors on its 24th Street location for nine days, starting today. When it reopens, expect some new menu items, drink specials, a spiffier dining room, and updates to the outdoor seating. Try not to freak out when the smoked fish hankering gets too strong (or just head over to the Bakery on Fillmore). [Eaterwire]

CIVIC CENTER— Outside Lands is coming up, and— sorry, procrastinators — it’s sold out. Fine & Rare might be able to lend a hand, as they’re giving away two three-day passes (August 5-7). All you have to do to enter is join the mailing list here (not super painful, really); get an extra entry by sharing the contest on Facebook or Instagram and tagging the restaurant. Winners will be announced July 22, so get to it. [Eaterwire]