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Namu Gaji Launches Yakitori Tuesdays With Pink Zebra Chef Jesse Koide

Grilled, skewered meats, every Tuesday for the foreseeable future

Molly Decoudreaux
Namu Gaji

Some skewers from the pop-up

Namu co-owners Dennis, Daniel, and David Lee have quietly been churning out some of the city’s best Korean food at Namu Gaji (it’s long been a member of the Eater 38), but that doesn’t mean they’re resting on their laurels. The brothers have three new upcoming projects (in the Dogpatch, Nopa, and Indonesia), and at their OG spot they’re starting "Yakitori Tuesdays," when Asian pop-up Pink Zebra chef Jesse Koide will partner with Dennis (the chef of the brothers) to cook grilled, skewered meats every week. Pink Zebra has been steadily popping up at Namu Gaji, but it will now be a definitel regular partnership.

Starting Tuesday, August 2, skewers could include aged hen and scallion, crispy chicken skin, spicy chicken hearts, and more, on a rotating basis. Plus, the guys have created the "crokune," or a Neighbor Bakehouse croissant stuffed with tsukune meatballs, beet may, and tare glaze (see a photo below). It’ll be on the menu weekly, along with other dishes created by Koide and Lee in collaboration, and the entire regular Namu Gaji menu.

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Namu Gaji

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