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The Market to Hand Out Free Food Amid Mid-Market Madness

Lure those customers

Patricia Chang

Mid-Market is not exactly living its best life right now; though tax data suggests otherwise, the recent closures of Cadence and Oro, and sale of Bon Marché aren’t exactly reassuring. Amid all the madness, The Market has been testing out different business models to keep its sales high. Slice House, Poke Bar, Azalina’s, and more have moved in as tenants in the space, which is a shift away from its original business model of running the food program itself.

Now that these businesses have moved in, The Market is trying to get the word out. And what better way to accomplish that than by offering free food? On Friday, July 29 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., each of The Market’s vendors will be handing out free samples of its most popular item, so pizza from Slice House, wine from Fiction and Alloy Canned Wines, et cetera. Other vendors include Poke Bar, Green & Go, Alter Eco, Just Desserts, Baia Pasta, and Fort Point Beer.

It’s an interesting strategy to capture some new business in an area that has so far failed to do so — though, The Market's CEO Topper Cruz says transactions are up 50 percent over the past year and that 5,000 people per day visit the space. Let's see what some free food does to those numbers.

The Market

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