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America's First Baguette Vending Machine Hits the Castro

Watch as your friendly Eater editors test it out

The machine itself
The machine itself
Stefanie Tuder

Welcome to San Francisco in 2016 — AKA the future — where quinoa emerges out of a box, robots will soon flip burgers in SoMa, and there is now a vending machine that dispenses freshly-baked baguettes. Forget self-driving cars, Internet-capable glasses, and smart watches: A baguette ATM is true innovation.

French company Le Bread Xpress brought the machine over from Paris, where there are currently about 50 locations, with another 10 across Europe. To see how it all works, Eater SF stopped by The Myriad, where the first machine is located, to taste one for ourselves, and talk to head of business development Anthony Fontaine.

Here’s how it works:

  • A bakery in Burlingame preps and partially bakes the dough (much like those finish-in-the-oven loaves at grocery stores).
  • The dough is then loaded into the machine, which has a built-in fridge and oven.
  • Baguettes are baked regularly throughout the day; worst case scenario, your baguette is a mere two hours old.
  • When you order, the baguette is then ready in about 20 seconds.
  • Tear into it with your bare hands (or take it home to consume with cheese).

  • Baguettes are $4.25.
    (Editor's note: American Express not accepted, as we awkwardly discovered during the making of this video, though it does accept Visa and Mastercard via Apple Pay). The first machine is located inside The Myriad market (2175 Market St.), with another on its way to Stonestown Galleria.

    So, there you have it lucky San Franiscans: Soon the city will be overrun with the freshest, most tech-friendly baguettes outside of Paris.

    The Myriad

    2175 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114 (415) 608-2220