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Che Fico Chefs Announce Newest Round of Pop-Ups

Hint: it involves ice cream

Mission D&A
Mission D&A
Kira Lauren

Mission D&A, the semi-permanent, rotating pop-up from chefs David Nayfeld and Angela Pinkerton, has announced its next moves. The chefs, who became friends during their time at Eleven Madison Park, are using this time to experiment and try new things as they await the opening of their upcoming restaurant, Che Fico. Following up their first effort, a supper series called Mama Galina (after Nayfeld's mother) focused on his Belarusian heritage, will be an "Ice Cream Social" and "Bistronomy."

Mama Galina's will wrap up at the end of July, according to Nayfeld, whose mother has been part of the concept since it began. "We have been selling out a lot of the dinners and working hard to refine the concept every night," said Nayfeld. "I think my mom is getting a little tired of working in the restaurant, but she is going to push through for the next month because everyone loves seeing her there." Tickets are still available for the last few dinners, which end on July 22.

Once Mama Galina gets a break, it's on to the Ice Cream Social, which debuts on July 31 and runs for one day only. Angela Pinkerton will team up with Quince pastry chef Shawn Gawle on this one, while Nayfeld is on vacation, for a seriously talented mashup. Expect treats like a bacon and chocolate chip ice cream sandwich, and a malted milk peanut butter caramel drumstick, all of which are served a la carte.

After the ice cream comes "Bistronomy," which Nayfeld describes as an exploration of the modern Paris bistro. The three-course dinner will run for $55, plus $30 wine pairing. Dishes may include barbecued lamb kidneys with summer beans, grilled mackerel with textures of broccoli and stone fruit, and rice pudding imperatrice with sour plums and coconut. Bistronomy will run August 4 through September 3; tickets are available here.

Mission D&A

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